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Pretty peppers

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It’s strange how quickly things change in the garden. The July garden was not the same as the June garden, and the August garden is not the same as the July garden. Even this Monday’s garden is not the same as last Friday’s garden.

Since we are out there nearly every day, the changes don’t seem so dramatic. It’s only when I sort through the pictures that I can see the difference.

Remember our little bean sprout? Thirty-five days later, it’s a bush bean proper.

And the tiny tomatillo plant from the blooms post? Now it’s one of the largest plants in the garden.

In the original (late June) pictures of our sign for the “about” page, you can see the freshly hoed and planted rows of tomatoes, cucumbers, and melons. By late July, the vines were huge, and the flowers we planted to attract beneficial insects were in bloom as well.

Plants are magical.

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Melons on the vine

Crimson sweet

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Squash flower Tomatilla plant
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Contender Bush Beans

While weeding I noticed the bush beans have finally sprouted- ten or eleven days after they were planted. They’re contender bush beans (Phaseolus vulgaris cv. Contender) donated to us by Beth of Canyon Bounty Farms. (Thanks Beth! You rock!)

Contender Beans, treated with Rhizo Bacteria Cute little bean seeds

Our beans were treated with a coating of nitrogen-fixing Rhizo bacteria to help them get established in their new bed. They were planted directly outside and will need to be thinned soon.

Contender Bush Bean Seedling

Aren’t they cute?

The plants are expected to grow between 12” and 20” and the bean pods are stringless and about 6” long, and can be eaten cooked or directly off the bush. Bean plants need air and were planted with plenty of spacing between plants and beds. Hopefully we should have beans in about 40 days.

Bush Bean Links:

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