About the Blog and Sustainability Internship

The College of Idaho Organic Garden

The College of Idaho Organic Garden is a community garden project founded on principles of sustainability and ethical food practices.

The Campus Sustainability Steward program is run by two Sustainability Stewards. Their responsibilities include maintaining the Organic Garden, living a sustainable lifestyle in the campus Eco House while making green upgrades to the house, and planning events, programming and other sustainable initiatives for the campus and wider community.

The garden itself  s cultivated by Bon Appétit, the campus food service provider, and the two sustainability stewards. The 2010 goals of the sustainability internship are to maintain the organic garden, benefit the local community by selling produce at the Caldwell Farmer’s Market, create a campus CSA for staff, faculty, and students to improve sustainable food practices, create an instructional manual for future interns, and raise campus awareness and action on sustainability.

This blog is intended to be:

Helpful to organic gardeners
A resource for future C of I sustainability interns
A way for interested parties to stay updated on the Organic Garden

It is maintained by Katy and Alli. Katy is one of the two sustainability stewards. Her final decision to attend the College of Idaho was made because of the organic garden program and she has pursued her love of sustainability. She is double-majoring in Anthropology/Sociology and Environmental Studies and minoring in Journalism.

Alli is the other sustainability intern. She is a Business and the Arts major and has always had interest in environmental issues. She hopes to continue to express her passion for sustainability and help others learn through the Stewardship position.

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    I love this blog. Please make me a subscriber.

  2. 2

    kaleerose said,

    I ❤ my successors

  3. 3

    Jen said,

    Sign me up! Great work!

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