Fall Beginnings

This year (with the help of Bart from Next Generation Organics) we have decided to plant some new things for fall. As the weather gets cooler, the conditions are great for things like greens, radishes and carrots to germinate. So, Bart gave us some spinach, radish, carrot and arugula seeds. Friday we planted the seeds and hopefully in the next couple days some will start to sprout and will mature in the next 25-50 days (except for the carrots, which are the exception and are going to be a little bit of an experiment). So before the first frost this year, we will have lots of greens and radishes.

Now on to the carrots. We will be letting them grow and overwinter. This means that the will germinate and sprout and begin to grow and then they will continue to grow during the winter until early next spring when we can pick them. To do this we have to mulch them very heavily so as to protect them and make sure to harvest them either all winter or before they start to flower in the spring (at which time they become bitter and inedible).

So keep an eye out for our fall veggies!


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