Check Out These Melons

Well, the melons are well under way to being ripe. We have a mystery variety that was donated to us by Saad Hafez. We also bought some seeds for cantaloupe and watermelon. The ones we got donated were off to a rough start, but have now taken over their little row and then some. The ones we planted from seed have also taken off and are starting to produce little fruits. The issue with melons is telling when they are ripe. They are relatively easy to grow; they need lots of water, but they grow like crazy, as we have discovered. Telling when watermelons are ripe is apparently very difficult even for people who do it all the time. One day they could immature, in the next couple they turn mushy from being over ripe. So, we check them everyday. What lots of sources have been saying is to knock on the melon and if it makes a hollow knocking sound, it isn’t ripe. If it makes a dull thud, then it is ready. Cantaloupe is different. They have to be fragrant and the skin under the crackly part should be golden or orange and not green. So, once they are ready, we’ll let you know how that goes.


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