The Monstrosities

Keeping up with the idea that this blog will be an instruction manual for future interns, I think the tomato monstrosities should be addressed. We originally decided to try to stake the tomatoes with a singular bamboo stake and green grow tape. Unfortunately, to do this successfully, each plant has to be de-suckered (pinch new growing stems so that just one main stem continues to grow). With 72 plants, we kind of just let them all go and didn’t pay that much attention to them. Now they are taking over and laying in the isles. This wouldn’t be too much of a problem except that to pick the tomatoes we have to clamber over stems, trying not to break them or smash any new tomatoes. So we decided to re-do the whole staking process. We ended up deciding on using 3 or 4 bamboo stakes and using mason twine to pull the branches up and make a kind of cage. So this is the final product of the staking. Whoever does this next year should probably get on it earlier than we decided to. Fighting with the giant monstrosities takes a lot more time than it should. But they’re almost all staked up and we finally have isles again between the tomatoes. Yay.


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