We Have Bugs

Today was day 2 in the battle against pests. We have a slight infestation of both cut worms and aphids.

So, when we originally had aphids on the kale I asked Beth Rasgorshek of Canyon Bounty Farms what we should try. She suggested looking for safer soap at the D & B. So my first excursion to D & B found me standing in the pest control row for about half an hour just looking at everything trying to figure out what I could use and what I could not. What I ended up with is an OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) approved NEEM Concentrate Oil that smells like garlic. After a couple sprayings of the kale, the aphids were gone. But now we have a huge infestation, so now the NEEM is really getting put to the test. I had originally just used a small hand sprayer, but since there are so many plants with pests, I got out the big guns. The pressure sprayer. It makes things so much easier. Just put in the water, the NEEM, put the lid on, pump it to build up the pressure and spray. We’ll see how this works.


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