Get It Local: Think Boise First

Get It Local

Capital City Public Market
On Saturday July 11 Kalee, my boyfriend Ben Rodwell, Beth, and myself joined about 30 other volunteers in downtown Boise at the Capital City Farmer’s Market to assist with a Rapid Market Assessment. The RMA provides economic information about shoppers at the market and counts the total number of market attendees. Our duty was to ask market shoppers to participate in a dot survey; 4 questions with multiple choice answers were on 4 different boards. We handed them 4 dot stickers and they placed a dot in the column corresponding to their answers. The questions asked how often they shop at the market, what they buy (produce, crafts, art) how much they spend, and how much they spend at other downtown businesses. Other volunteers stood at all the entrances to the market and counted the people walking in with clickers. The last RMA was held 3 years ago and the total attendance count was at about 11,000. This year the total count was over 17,000 market shoppers! It is great to see the trend of more people buying fresh local produce and supporting their local farmers.

After the RMA we had the opportunity to visit with a local Boise business owner running a restaurant with a strong commitment to sustainability. Red Feather Lounge & Bittercreek Alehouse At Red Feather & Bittercreek they cook incredible food that comes from as many local growers as possible. They include food miles on their menu, showing how far each item traveled to get there. They have a huge worm compost bin in the basement and compost their organic food waste. They use recycled wine bottles as dinner glasses, and use their own ketchup bottles. It’s wonderful and inspiring to see how it’s the little changes that make the big differences. If you’re looking for a delicious restaurant and want to know they are committed to sustainability, check out this great restaurant in downtown Boise.


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