Boise Farmer’s Market

The kale was getting HUGE to the point of being completely out of control, (and possibly soon inedible. What do you do with giant kale?) and we had two or three rows of other greens ready to go to market. With Sara and Matt out of town we couldn’t get our Caldwell Farmer’s Market booth up and running, but Robin of Lazy Dog Farms graciously agreed to take some of our greens with her to the Boise Market tomorrow morning (Saturday). We sent her five or six boxes of kale, chard, and heritage lettuce mix.


Chard and kale ready to go to the Boise Farmer’s market in the back of Rebecca’s car. Of course a leaf of kale with two big holes would be on top. Oh well, it’s an organic garden.

Thanks Robin for washing, bundling, and selling our greens for us! Organic gardeners/farmers are possibly the coolest people on earth.

click images for larger view

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